Biking genes passed on – Valea Doftanei, Romania


Happiness – The biking genes have been passed on! I’ve been doing rides of 1,5 hours with the 8-year old in the forest at home and seen the talent. This time we went for the mountains to try real hills

Until a couple of weeks ago we’ve had 20 degrees in Bucharest, but suddenly the weather changed and the fall was over us with minus degrees during night. It feels like the snow could come any day. In the city there are still leaves on the trees but up in the mountains they are long gone. But the larch trees are colorful in yellow.

Days are passing by in the village. Everyone has their duties

We start climbing

It’s only 4 degrees and the peaks are covered in clouds

Continuous climb

At approx. 1050 meters elevation we have a break and start the descent

It’s steep and fast and it’s not without fear that I see him taking off

Back in the village

Back at the car

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