Cernica, Romania


Some 15-20 minutes on the ring road from where I live will take you to Cernica. The place is very well known for its monastery.

Picture from the web:

I meet up with some friends. It’s around zero degrees and it was below that during the night. We get warmed up on this dirt road

And then out of nowhere this huge ditch

Happy faces and dressed for an arctic expedition. The guy to the left (Catalin) is riding for a team called Bikexpert and at this time of the year there is time for leisure rides like this. Same for Razvan to the right, but for the Giant Romania team.

Wild boar hunt… we get rerouted

…to a flat tire

We get the flat tires sorted quickly and follow this lake on a single track

Enjoying a snack and the pale sun

We continue along the lake

And then into the forest again

This picture is only to show the type of marker you see in the forests. All forests around the city are full of these white concrete markers

And then a picture of the dreadful fact that some people just dump their garbage wherever they want. Pretty much like in Sweden in the 50-ies. Just that now we have so much more packaging and plastics. Not a good combination

Sticky mud

A blurry picture of the happy guys after 3 hours in the forest. Yep, I have a disgusting hat and a cycling jersey from ancient times… 🙂

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