Just an ordinary Monday – Munții Bucegi, Romania


Well, maybe not so ordinary… National holiday in fact and a good reason for going to the mountains with your friends

Cable car to 2200:

The weather was typically unstable and suddenly we had heavy rain but with the perfect timing of just reaching this small hut for cover. A chill for two hours and we got going again

Due to the weather we changed the plans slightly and used some dirt roads and asphalt roads to climb up to the mountain ridge again

Jesus is never far away

Road signs made out of wood

After the pass we get to try the radical sport of downhill on asphalt. The road is anything but straight and in 70 km/h it’s a bit of a challenge to manage each corner

Structured guys…. Recycling the garbage from the trip

Maybe not the optimal ending to a mountain ride but 15km/h in slight uphill can easily be done with the right company

I haven’t seen the teddy bears yet, but they keep warning us about it

To sum it up:

Length: 64km

Climb: 1200m

Descent: 2400m

Fun: Yes, mega!

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