So damn good! – Băneasa, Romania


A bit of non-Swedish statement, but that how it is! The birds are tweeting and I got to borrow a 29 inch carbon HT while the babysitter makes it possible to go together with my wife. So damn good!

To cut it short… I’m thinking of adding another bike next to my sofa-style-of bikes (6 inch travel FS Giant, Santa Cruz with even more and some other stuff). The buddies at Cube are keen on getting a Swede on board so I had the opportunity to the carbon HT. 23 degrees and sunshine doesn’t hurt… And yes I reached a decision! So fun riding a HT again and only 10 kg! Ok the frame was too small but I got the feeling.


And yes… the decision: Ht is nice but there is a reason for why the Full suspension bike was invented

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