Instead of the office – Bucegi, Romania


My brother is visiting and that’s a good excuse to take a day off in the middle of the week and go to the mountains for some biking. OK, he is not a biker but in good shape so it should work. As so many times before it looks less good looking up the mountain

But after 1200 meters of climb with the cable car we get what we want

From 2200 meters above sea level we start going even further up

As I thought, he is kicking ass and pedals all the way to the top at 2507 meters

I’ve been here so many times and never get bored. I just love this landscape

…And to ride in it

The valleys are impressive

We keep going

Romania has awesome mountains but dammit they can’t make decent bread. That I have to bake myself. And on a mountain peak it tastes delicious.

Another hard day at the office

We find another route back to where we came from

…and come across a nice berm

A wheelie on the high altitude training track has become a tradition. Now with sheep

…and some other animals

The trail options going back to the car from here are just too technical for a beginner so we choose a looong asphalt downhill instead

We have made it around the mountain and leave one county for another

Some people in Romania still hope that the country’s territory will be what it was back in the hay days between the world wars. Back then it covered parts of Ukraine, Bulgaria and the area of Moldova and South West part of Ukraine called Bessarabia. They claim ”Bessarabia is Romania”…

Warning. Bears.

We have made it down to approximately 1000 meters level and find our way on an old closed forest road that runs pretty much along the side of the mountain all the 15km backs to the car. In Sinaia we check out the old bob sledge track

And the summer residence of King Carol the first. The castle was built somewhere 1870 to 1880 with electricity installed, central heating, elevator and central vacuum cleaner!

We did some 1100 meters o climb and 2300 meters of descent. Awesome achievement by my brother who hasn’t been on a bike for 15-20 years!

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