Best day ever in Bucegi – Munții Bucegi, Romania

I managed to take a day off with my wife to go to the mountains. We knew that the weather would be good, but not that it would be the best that I have ever experienced in Bucegi – including summer rides.

We set off in Bucegi, catching the Cable car up to 2200 meter above sea level

The climb is easy to start with

The last 20 minutes to the Omu peak is however very demanding, but awarding

We pass the peak and this special designed garage 😉

We follow the ridge for a couple of hundred meters

And this is the view facing north

Coffee break at the top cabin. November. No wind. Warm. Absolutely amazing conditions.

The trail down is a bit sketchy with rolling rocks

Going down includes some uphill sections as well

The ridge is very wide and we pass the high altitude training camp at Piatra Arsa

To avoid the steepest trails or the easy asphalt option we go for the ski slopes

Last part and it gets a bit chilly in the shadow.

All in all we did some 35km with roughly 800 meters of climb and 2000 meters of descent. Here’s a short movie:

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