Planets Aligned – Black Sea Coast, Romania


The Black Sea Coast is only 2 hours away from Bucharest. The setup this time was a surprise trip to meet up with friends and celebrate my birthday, planned by my dear wifi. Normally it’s sunny during the days and maybe some rain during the night but this time we got to witness quite a scenery:

They haven’t had rain like this for 8 years… But what does it matter when the temperature is ok and you can have lots of food and drinks under a roof.

The day after was tough though, after a whole day of drinking, but how could that possibly stop us from biking when the weather was back to normal? Along the coast the resorts are named after planets like Neptun, Saturn and Jupiter, and they are all aligned. We set out for a ride like this:

Cosmin is on his HT and I get to pull with my roadie.

The Bulgarian boarder is only 40km away (Vama Veche). We head for Mangalia

Some remains from the Ottoman empire to the left…


This time of the year is the time to be here. Hardly any people but restaurants and hotels are starting to open up and the temperature is far better than a regular Swedish summer day.

Road bike… yeah… But it seems to work on sand too

And on one wheel

These beaches… hardly any people and perfect temperature

A bit of a detour due to a too muddy road but also this works with 8 bars in the tires

Symbol of the party town Costineşti. Well, not me but the structure behind 😉

Still empty beaches. But with beer… And by the way, that ship in the background has been sitting there for over 50 years…

All in all some 68km with an average speed of 23 including sightseeing and beer drinking… Pretty ok for a hangover ride I’d say.

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