The other side – Daisy Hill, Australia


It’s the other side of the world. They drive on the other side of the road, and… they have the brakes on the other side… I was too eager to get going that we didn’t change the set-up of the levers but in retrospect we should have…

Daisy Hill Conservation Park is just outside Brisbane, and it’s full of built MTB trails. WeI meet up with the guys here, 7 of us this Saturday morning.

Paul and Michael from work have done a great job and managed to borrow a bike for me.

We get going. The whole area is well organized and it’s very informative to know that people have died here…

Trail intersection

The soil is very dry, almost slippery, but the trails are really nicely built in a natural hilly terrain.

My favorite this day:

After a couple of hours I’m pushing it too much and there is no margin when I break too heavy on the wrong brake. I crash into a tree with my head and shoulder. The sound of the helmet banging into the tree was quite impressive – a new one ordered…  As well as a new brake lever…

Kind of a stiff neck after the crash but there’s medicine for that:

I get back to the hotel for a change and a bite. I then swop to city cruise mode. Richard at Free Range Bike Hire drops of a bike right at the hotel. Fantastic service – recommended! Some pics from a 30km afternoon ride in the city:

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