Spring ride – Bucharest, Romania

Short update… Half a year with TWAR and then moving to another country with wife and three kids… not so many reports lately,

but here we go:

I’m now based in Romania. The first period has been focused on all the practicalities of a move but also a lot of skiing. Only 5-6 weeks ago we still had one meter of snow but now it’s 25 degrees! Of course I’m eager to explore the mountains but it makes sense getting to know the trails in the neighborhood. Today’s ride was only 20km but considering that I live in a city with 2,5 million people it’s impressive to be able to go for a MTB ride for 20 km just outside the house.

Spring is here

I got the fenders mounted but it wasn’t needed

Stray dogs is a problem in Romania but they stay where people are so not in the forest. However, I have to pass some houses close to the forest so I brought this gadget with a design straight out of the 60’ies. A high frequency sound transmitter

Some snow can still be found

Flat as a pancake but a nice trail

I then scare some wild boars and get scared myself. To get out of there I go faster but then I get a branch into the wheel and a classic derailleur f**k-up is a fact. Bent beyond recovery

Luckily only 100 meters from home but really bent

Maybe not so interesting report this time but a start. Also a start of a nice bike shirt tan I found out…

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