Customer meeting – Oradea, Romania


This week I did ridiculously many hours in the car to meet customers in the country. And as one of them is a biker too we’ve developed a friendship beyond daily business. So good to be in Oradea and so good to be biking with Sebi

We start playing around in a deserted military area. Not at the level at McAskill, but fun!

The sheep have done a fantastic job. Heaven for golfers

We make it through a flowy section of off camber trails in the forest and end up by this lake. Seems some other guys have managed to escape the office this afternoon

Lawn mowers in action

More forest ahead

And a look-back


Going home through the villages

Short stop in Baile Felix – hot springs and a tourist magnet. A ghost is hovering flying over the bridge…

Some site seeing…

And back to the city

…First ride together and a blast! Next time fixie riding down town.

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