Mud, wild boars and misery – Obzor, Bulgaria



If you want to go to the sea from where I live it’s not exactly down the road but for a long weekend it’s worth the hours in the car. This time Obzor in Bulgaria. Classic charter flight set-up

Only that it’s easy to bring your bike when you’re in the car

After having used GPS for logging the trips I finally took the step into making my own gpx-tracks. Super convenient to prepare at home and not spending time on wondering where you are in a new place. Just that it would have been nice if there was a function for avoiding super sticky mud… After some asphalt in Obzor I start the climb and I get to the sticky stuff

Beautiful, but just a hell in camouflage

After the first climb a reach a watch tower that looks promising. Must be a fantastic view from up there…

Only that the hatch is locked…

More mud, the trail seemed to have been a river bed the day before

Maybe I should have turned around, but stubborn as I am…

But I will manage… Looks dry head… I see some cows on a field… or…? Oh no, wild boars. OK, I get going again, only that now the whole hurdle including piglets are crossing the dirt road following the grunting sounds from their mothers. Holy crap, I back off and make some noise until all of them are on the other side.

And then it just continues. Group after group, and me scared like hell every time. I stopped counting after 6-7 groups of 15-20 boars each.


…but a misery

Such a beautiful landscape and by now I could expect a nice DH…

But of course not. The wild boars have dropped off and the trail looks fine but the mud is sticky on the tires and like soap to ride on. No grip.

Can you imagine how something so beautiful can be such a misery?

Well the positive thing about turning the road into a river is that there is a chance to clean up your stuff

But of course you can just forget about that since the mud has such a density that it’s more like clay ready for the oven. Seems like the going got tough when all the water needed to go somewhere during the heavy rains

After going combat style across the river there is a dry (!) dirt road climbing up the hill to the asphalt road leading home. Niiice, but what the f**k! Flat tire… with all that mud on the wheel. OK, I get the job done and make it to the asphalt road. Another picture of Misery in camouflage

Finally home and sooo nice to leave the mud and play with the kids on the beach instead

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