1000 up, 3000 down – Munții Bucegi, Romania


I was helping a guy to buy a good second hand bike and in a weak moment I promised him to go to the mountains together. Suddenly the email was on the loose and we ended up being 8 persons and I was the guide. Bit of strange situation being Swedish guiding Romanians in Romania…

Here we are at the first cable car taking us to 2200 meters – nice mix of people: New York, Texas, Romania, Australia, UK …and the Swedish guide of course

Fantastic weather and better for biking than the 30 degrees in Bucharest…

By starting with the cable car and after half the trip catching another one we enjoyed 3000 meters of decent but only 1000 meters of climb

On the way to the peak at 2507m

Omu peak:

And onwards over the ridges

After the second cable car there is more downhill to enjoy. The top station for the cable cars in the background

I end it off with a selfie in the fantastic weather!

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