The High Coast – Norrfällsviken, Sweden


During thousands of years nature shaped the magic landscape of The High Coast – the highest coastline in the world and a world heritage site. We are on a family trip 1000 km from home:

The little one is practicing some skills outside the cabin

There are plenty of trails here but it’s a good start checking out the World Heritage Trail – unfortunately only in Swedish but the maps are good

As always I take my chances in the early mornings… This time as the fog is burning off. The Baltic sea:


The trail is just great

Very well signposted

Great feeling 🙂

The fog hasn’t decided to stay or go yet

I follow the World Heritage Trail to Mjällom and make the detour up to Högklinten – 281 meters above sea level. The coble fields are just amazing. I’m at +200 meters and this used to be the water front.

The story is the following:

  • 115.000 years ago – between the Ice Ages – the waterfront was at the same level as today
  • 20.000 years ago the ice was 3.000 meters thick and depressed the land 800 meters
  • 9.600 years ago most of the ice had melted and the land had risen 500 meters
  • Today the land has risen a further 286 meters!

Högklinten offers a fantastic view of the World Heritage Site

The trail is great and the view blows you away

No moose to be seen but for sure they are around…

I take a different route down. It’s Marked as part of the World Heritage Trail. I have to carry the bike over two smaller sections of cobble fields but after that it’s just high speed downhill!

I reach Norrfällsviken and the cabin

And the kids have been busy…

More info on The High Coast can be found here

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