The river loop – Brisbane, Australia

Livelo is great. I just booked the bike over internet and when arriving to the hotel the beauty was waiting for me!

Just to make sure to really be prepared I’m not only denying the time difference but also stocking up with excessive carbs

Not optimal, but like always it doesn’t matter. Being with friends and in the saddle makes life great. We get going along the river

It’s constantly up and down and at one point we pass this place just filled with Flying foxes

Checking the Internet what they look like up close will show you something like this

And obviously we are in Australia so there are other animals to consider

The hills just continue and continue – never flat!

Back in the city and the regular coffee shop for anyone biking

We continue along the river down town

But common! That’s not biking!

As the others are heading back home I go for an extra loop but quickly realize that biking is not done during the day – only in the morning. I struggle with the heat and find myself taking more pictures than biking

Almost dizzy I make it back to the hotel to finalize my riverloop

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