Piscul Câinelui, Romania


Short one this time; checking out the area for future rides. 2,5 hours and 1000 meters of climb.

I start on a dirt road. It gets ridiculously steep at once and I have to push for a while. It’s 27 degrees and very dry. The new shoes don’t look new at all…

After quite a hard push it gets more ridable in the fine Beech forest

This magic oak is marking the tree line

The ridges of Baiului

I just follow the one I’m on

The I’m approach by three Romanian shepherd dogs and they more or less attack. I do the same to show power, but they are determined to scare the shit out of me and they do. They are huge and with an impressive set of teeth to plant in my legs. I’m far too scared to think about taking picture but here’s a googled picture of what they look like

I feel forced to use the pepper spray. First time though. And effective

I continue up the ridge with the Bucegi mountain in the background

I stop at a small peak at 1600 meters of elevation and enjoy the view before the downhill.

The section that was so steep going up is great fun on the way down. Extremely dusty

In spite of the incident with the dog I’d say the area has more potential and especially the ridges – gotta go back and explore more.

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