A ridge before lunch – Munţii Baiului, Romania


Munţii Baiului is a ridge in the Carpathians just 1,5 hours away from Bucharest. This September morning was offering 16 degrees already at 9 o’clock in the morning (at 650 meters elevation)  and this was the ride (50km, 1450 meters of climb)

First part of the climb was on an almost washed away road

As you make it up the mountain the views get better

The climb up to the higher terrain at approx 1500 meters starts and up there on the ridge the clouds are coming and going. Mostly coming…

Just about when it was about time to leave the ridge at 1900 meters of elevation I got a view of what was awaiting. A dirt road with high speed but with big rocks and big furrows to avoid. Got the seat post down and opened up the chock and had a blast

After passing the tree line the road was a bit more even and the speed got even higher. Had to stop for enjoying the view before doing the last part down to the asphalt road leading back to the car.

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