Fog burning off – Cernica, Romania


In spite of thick fog this morning I just felt so much for biking and with 16 degrees it just should be good. And it was. As it turned out the fog burned off and we got to see the sun. I met up with Razvan and got going on the bed of leaves.

Blurry, but I gotta share this extra ordinary green in the middle of November

While we are just playing around others are working hard for the household

So good to be biking with Razvan again. Half a year ago he was very close to die from an ATV accident. We are all very nervous those first days in the hospital but he is strong like hell and now back in the saddle. He has been among the absolute top riders on road, cycle cross and MTB in Romania. Some weeks ago he made his comeback in a Redbull competition and finished in 8th place!


Razvan takes the camera

We follow the forest for a while

…and then go into it

The fog is burning off – makes me happy!

Sunlight is making the difference

We go fast on the trail along the lake

Maybe not like in Halland, Sweden but there are storms also in Romania. Gotta bring a saw next time

Here we are:

On track

Magic Lake

We continue along the bigger lake

A group of bikers are enjoying the tranquility around the monastery

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