Sunny Beach at its best – Ortoto, Bulgaria


…is at a distance; 400 meters above sea level in a national park overlooking the party town…

Somewhat tired from the mud yesterday I took the car to Irakli beach to make a nice trip in Ortoto National Park, and it was: 44km and 1100 meters of climb with amazing views all the time. In the background you see the trip from yesterday

Irakli Beach is a sleepy place an early morning in June

Started off with some asphalt and became this happy when the surface turned into gravel

With a steep climb the beach was suddenly far away

More uphill in swaying grass

Some riding on the ridge and then a super nice downhill

Got a bit carried away and rode it to hard and got a snakebite. Threw in the spare tube but it was leaking – pretty bad patching that someone had done… me, sort of. It took the two last patches to fix it and it became a nervous trip after that without a spare tube or patches in this terrain.

I went easy down the hills until I reached sea level. And with Sunny beach at a nice distance

Onto it again. Second climb for the day and now around 30 degrees

Such a disappointment when I realized I couldn’t use my rocket launcher that I’d been carrying. Sort of. Weird sign anyway…

More pics from the beautiful landscape


The hilly landscape continues

I ended up taking the asphalt road back to the car to catch up with the family.

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