Oradea, Romania


Oradea is located in the North West of Romania. You can go there to do business, meet friends, visit the health resorts, go biking… Or just everything at once! 29 degrees during the afternoon and maybe a bit less when we got going to a hill in the nice resort of Baile 1 Mai, just outside the city. The dudes:

The guys have been digging a lot and by now there are many downhill trails, but you gotta get up first…

Warm… Camelbak for the dog and then cooling off in a mud hole

We reach the top, but others get even higher up

This hill has an old 4X track that has been extended now and then – we play around for a while

Even the dog likes one of the step-ups

Here’s a 2 meter drop that I didn’t do. After all, the Doc told me to do road biking and with low intensity. Haven’t really managed that yet, but I can at least avoid a drop


Oradea in the background. It’s getting dark and we race down the hill on really nice trails that I’ll have to get some pictures from next time. Just couldn’t stop in awesome flow we found

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