Instead of hospital – Road trip, Sweden and Norway


After a stupid mistake on a DH trail I’ve been dealing with a foot injury, or rather with Romanian health care and my insurance company. After 9 visits to doctors in Romania with strange contradicting diagnosis and treatments I finally flew to Sweden during summer for a proper analysis. They told me it could be a ”os trigonom” but not 100% sure. I got some good recommendations and OK for more biking. But… it got worse and I got a new appointment in Sweden. I was told to have a flexible agenda depending on findings and actions. A new MRI revealed a „peculiarly normal foot” and that most probably I’m still just suffering from the trauma from the fall. Nothing more. Frustrating to not get a more clear diagnosis, but relieving to know that I will not be disabled. I got some tips regarding exercises and that most probably the pain would be gone in 2-3 months. Also, good to focus on road biking and with low intensity. So what to do I do? Well… go mountain biking like hell since I’m home in Sweden. Maybe not so low intensity, but I guess I can start doing that back home in Romania again. Sort of…

So, in four days I did one nice trip with my friend PO in the North of Halland, three trips in Larvik, Norway and an evening ride in Strömstad, back in Sweden. PO’s employees:

Happy trails. Happy PO

Racing towards the ocean and then back again to the farm. Nice four hour ride

I then got all the gear in the car and headed off for Norway and my old pal Alex. The Oslo fjord is all quiet this late September morning

It’s too long ago since we went biking together – last time was back in Bulgaria 2009. In spite of having broken the leg on the same place three times, the dude is strong like hell. Only the football protection is indicating that it was only some months ago since the last fracture

The terrain is partially very similar with the one in Bohuslän and there are some very technical trails to explore

Lovely with so much hilly terrain just around the corner from Alex’s house

We reach the top of the hill and stop for energy and views

Great guys have been clearing the trail – good flow with some pedaling here and there

After a couple of hours we’re back for some food and testing of the playground

Charged with new energy we get the stuff in the car and set off for Stavern some kilometers away

The amazing “coast trail”: Kyststien

McAskill wannabe…

Me like:

Playing around

Alex, the canon ball

A must when biking in Norway

So tired after all the awesome biking and a nice dinner… but we pull ourselves together and go to the man cave for some shock fixing. My poor Monarch didn’t cope with all the beating from today’s sessions

New day. New possibilities. The Beech forest in ”central” Larvik is up for a test, and the trails beyond

Not that we want the handle bars from the early 90-ies back but on the other hand it’s a bit tight with the enduro ones

Extremely hilly terrain and almost out of a fairy tale

Finally the energy is just not there and things just don’t work out…

Better hang on to something solid and regain the focus

After more than 2 hours the clouds are building up. I get the stuff in the car and make it across the fjord to Strömstad. Looks brighter…

I’m hardly off the ferry and back in the saddle with the Strömstad crew Micke and Thomas

Poor light but awesome company

The campers have left for the season

Well… so… this is… kind of…

Anyway, we got ourselves a good two hour ride before the dark and rain came over us

The foot is still hurting after this low intensity road biking and I don’t understand why, but God dammit it was better than spending time at the hospital

Now I’m back in Romania and I’m going to buy a road bike. The Doc told me…

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