Project Hallandsleden, Sweden

This is not about sending it, shredding it, gnarly sections or the best technical or flowy trail ever. It’s not about the highest mountains, longest climb or extremes of any other kind for that matter. This is about calmingly enjoying and appreciating all the different landscapes of my home county Halland. And It’s all done […]

Rides in Southern Sweden

Time to explore some places in the Southern part of Sweden while anywhere there for other reasons. This is what I will go for: Day 1 Klåveröd, Söderåsen First out is Klåveröd. It’s an XC oriented place with marked trails and I follow a blue trail (map below) and another one also marked, but I […]

A Kiwi in Sweden

Time is flying and it’s already three years since Ferg showed me around in Arapuke Bike Park in New Zealand (link). Now he is here and I get to show him the variety of terrains and landscapes you get on a regular bike ride her in Åsa, Sweden. We start on the rocks Passing through […]