Bollekollen, Sweden

Janne at Sundtorps cykel wanted to try a coil over on his Orbea and the length happens to be exactly the same as on my Ibis Ripmo, so I ordered a spring for my weight hoping I could try it too. And as things turned out I was first out – the X2 being in for warranty…

So here we go: The Ripmo with some Swedish Gold – the Öhlins ttx22m.2

Having tried it on the trails at home I feel I also need to push it a bit more as in bike park riding. Killing two birds with one stone I decide for a small place I’ve never been before: Bollekollen

Bit of a spontaneous one, but I call Pierre if he is interested to join. …and he is entering the parking there as we speak!


This dude is practicing some bigger stuff while we get going for the lift up this little hill (approx 100 meters of vertical climb).

The place doesn’t have a lot to offer and you could wish for more, but the guys running it are doing a great job with little money. We have a great time for some hours.

And the Öhlins? Well it’s good but I’m surprised that my X2 felt even more plush.

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