Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



This is what it is looks like when a lot of people gather in a small area…

Touched ground at noon and with the right agenda I managed to be on two wheels already after lunch 🙂

I started right outside the hotel on Copacabana

I managed to get hold of a good tool for the job and got going towards Ipanema right away

Selfie in Rio

Nice bike lanes to be enjoyed in high humidity

…these wonderful VW type 2… Produced up until last year

Looking back before continuing to the next beach


Cruising down towards Leblon and with a fresh feel for the city pulse I start daring to leave the bike lanes

I continue to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

And nice flowers under Jesus’ supervision

I find my way up the back streets and come across a Gurgel. The poor Brazil car make went bankrupt many years ago, but dammit, what a cool name!

After having trembled a bit leaving the bike lanes I find myself racing down the avenues with the adrenaline pumping

I return the bike, get myself some new flip flops and then the rain is coming. Luck…

Bit of a short ride report this time, but I just had to share some impressions from 25km in a fantastic city

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