Use what you have! – Praia do Forte, Brazil


At least that’s what I normally do – use what I have, to ride a bike. If you are approximately 1700-1800km North of Rio and there is only a rusty Caloi without suspension… well, then you take it!

And here it is…

…and with tires in excellent conditions and turned the right way… not

On the other hand… Riser bar!  …and thumb shifters.

But the coolest detail… Snake Vision rims 😉

Anyway, I get going on this piece of bicycle in 30 degrees humid heat. I leave the coast and unfortunately have to do some kilometers on this monkey killer road – it wasn’t me…

But then I find some nice trails and dirt roads

I get so carried away that I shoot a selfie and go skidding sideways

Mango and Jack fruit

I even find some water to splash through

The trail is continuing, and yes – no helmet and no gloves…

Then, out of nowhere, a nice lake and nice looking villa

I try to keep North and South in mind and keep going on some dirt roads

I turn off onto a trail with some water splashing to cool off

Then another dirt road and I’m back in civilization, well at least some houses and some people

After 32km and 500 meters of climb I’m back on the beach again

And God dammit, this beer was tasting good

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