Fat tires on asphalt – Åsa, Sweden



Back on Swedish soil and I just have to go biking. Old shoes with zip ties but brand new cleats:

Road biking recommended by my Doctor, but only fat ties at hand – and that feels goood

You can bring a lot of stuff with you and you can have a trailer, but how the hell is this dude going to zip some water from the water bottles while biking?

Man it’s good to be back on fat tires and full suspension, and it’s much softer for my poor leg. Slower than the Carbon road bike but so comfy (never thought I’d talk about comfort regarding bikes…). The ocean in the background. Nice.

“Slow down dammit!” Can only agree – finally someone with some attitude

Luxury life style. If they only knew how hard life is for their cousins in Romania

Home again after a short one. 30km.

This one was well deserved

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