Idefjord delux – Håvedalen to Skee, Sweden


I’m back on the trails that once formed the biker I am today. Kids are taken care of, great weather is ordered and Mickes dad is giving us a lift from Skee to Håvedalen. Colorful early fall morning

This was the plan. And the outcome:

We get ready to go. Impressive collection of levers on Thomas new Scott

Håkan and Micke

We hook on to Bohusleden and enjoy the perfect conditions

Hangout at Sandvattnet

Erik playing around

The Idefjord

We are getting closer to sea level

Erik is trying out the sand pit

Here’s the forest (Swedish: skog)

The possé at the Idefjord – Norway on the other side…

Håkan makes sure his ass is OK

We start the climb to Björnerödspiggen

222 meters above sea level and a bit more in the tower. Halden is there… far away in the background

Association of natural smiles…

This is what it’s like having Micke in front of you…

Håkan in action

Last downhill section

Beach life

We are climbing back up to ”Piggen”

My poor leg has been hanging in there up till now but during the next downhill it simply hurts too much with all the bashing. I pull myself together and put the heel on the pedal to prevent the calf muscle from shaking. A bit unsafe but faster, but the guys are long gone. We meet up at the road and continue towards Massleberg in this great landscape.

Then the traditional last flat part and we are back in Skee. A fantastic ride with good friends on superb trails.

Here is a almost-no-edit-clip

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