Negombo, Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is new to me and when there appeared a time slot where biking could take place I of course went for it. I found a place down the road where they would rent me some wheels for 2 Euros. I set off for a ride nearby.

Having just landed it was such a nice feeling just taking in the atmosphere coasting down the streets

This is the Hamilton Canal built by the Brits more than 200 years ago

Just another small street

Busy watching life going by I guess

On to the big road heading north

Like all signs: Sinhalese, Tamil and English.

Sellfie time

Some buddies with more proper gear

I depart from the bigger road

I don’t know how many small “factories” for brick production I passed. Seems to be the stuff to produce in this area.

Nice to get away from the chaotic traffic

Workshop on wheels

Hard to not like the people of Sri Lanka – always smiling

Red is the color

Heading back towards the ocean

46km on a (too) small bike, but wonderful to see more of the country and wonderful to get back to the hotel beach

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