Habarana, Sri Lanka


Habarana is maybe not a site to visit as such but is strategically located if you are going to visit the historical UNESCO sites Dambulla, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa. The hotel manager was kind enough to get me some wheels. Again a very small bike but giving you that nice feeling of freedom of pedaling off into the rural surroundings. This is the loop I did:

Red dirt roads right outside the hotel

Maybe not the Giant we know from home…

But a happy rider

There in the background to the right you can see the Lion rock (Sigiriya) – most visited tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and I understand why.

I went there the day after and check out the views. In the first pic you see the steps used in the good old times whereas nowadays it’s an easy walk up on proper stairways all the way up.

Back to the biking

Some dudes at the lake took a picture of me and my mini bike

Holy cow!

Holy shit!

Holy Smoke!

Another lake

Low standard but always happy people – some learnings to be taken home…

Another reason for going to Habarana could be the elephant safaris, or you just see them from the road…

I wish… This ride would have been more classic

Some street pics from Habarana

35 degrees and an intense humidity… this beer was a blessing after 34km of sweating.

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