Kandy, Sri Lanka

Also in Kandy I managed to rent a bike even though this was a place where I really missed my brand new MTB at home. Kandy sits at approx 500 meters above sea level and the surroundings are offering nice hills and mountains to be explored if you have the right gear. I didn’t so I went for a ride around the city and the park Udawatta Kele. Like this:

So, my ride

Well not, but this was the wheels of the day. Full suspension, fenders and a bell. Awesome bike …sort of

I started off along the Mahaweli Ganga river

And then worked my way up the hills to the city center. The 13th was declared mourning day after an important monk passed away some days earlier – hence all the decorations in orange.

So sad. I will miss this “superlative experience”, as I’m leaving Sri Lanka the 14th.

I found the entrance to the Udawatta Kele park. I got away paying a lower rate accepting not to get a ticket… And the dude all the money in his pocket…

Started off on the marked trails

But soon found my way beyond in an attempt to reach the peak

Even some tougher parts. Jee, that bike was heavy…

I reached the top where I knew there would be a tower to climb to get the fantastic view. Bit of an anticlimax that the whole tower had collapsed…

It was difficult to enjoy the trails on this bike, but refreshing in the sense that you are reminded why you spend all that money on a real bike.

Jungle – gotta be careful when passing some of the hanging stuff

Back to the city and around the beautiful Bogambara lake

I leave the city center going up to the Bahirawa Kanda Buddha statue to enjoy the view

Then back home to drop off the bike, passing this awkward auto part storage

Finally back at the hotel after 2,5 hours and almost 600 meters of climb. Looks really nice with a cold shower

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