Guraidhoo, Maldives


What is it with bikes that makes life so fun? Even a crazy purple mini bike makes it happen. This time in the village/island of Guraidhoo in the Southern Male Atoll in the Maldives

Right here:

And the crazy bike

The island is home to 1800 people even though the streets look empty in the midday heat

Nice color match

The Britts left some 51 years ago

Democracy is in place and it’s just to choose what candidate to go for. Just that my Dhivehi is not what it used to be…

Happy dude

Across the island – at the resort – alcohol is all over and you have bacon for breakfast and bikini for lunch… or whatever…

Regular school day

Regular day in paradise, but when the Tsunami hit back in 2004 more than 70 people were killed and many injured. The whole island was flooded.

The main street

Ideal for a wheelie I’d say

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