Black Sea Beer Cruise – Romania

What a day!

After some intense days in South Korea I land in Bucharest in the morning. Cosmin picks me up. We fix some stuff and  meet up with Ștefan and start driving to the Black Sea. After some lunch and beers we get ready for a cruise on the mountain bikes – adapted to the fact that I can’t go trail riding. We end up doing 92 kilometers and almost 700 meters of climb 🙂

We head south

Amazing how fixing a flat tire can be so fun…

And we actually manage to get it fixed also…

Passing the presidents little fenced off hang out

Just to get some hang out of our own

Before we know it we reach the Bulgarian boarder and decide to turn around

We depart from the main road down to Vama Veche and actually go South again to the boarder before spending some time on the serious stuff  

It’s getting dark as we leave Mangalia

Then even darker. Not only light-wise but also in terms of energy level for Ștefan, but we manage to make it back home.

A regular day by the Black Sea with Cosmin and Ștefan I guess…

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