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Sometimes Bad turns into Good. Going to New Zealand and Australia from Sweden is a bit of an exercise and it doesn’t help when you realize that you have a 6 hour layover in Singapore on the way out and 8 hours on the way home. Sure, Changi Airport is maybe the best in the world if you get stuck. Singapore as such is not too bad either but I’m not a city guy and I have already been there lots of times. So what to do? Well…

Landing late afternoon was maybe not optimal but I grabbed a taxi and set off to the East coast and one of the Coastline Leisure Bike rentals.

Maybe not the best bike but sufficient for a ride to the Marina Bay and back

Marina Bay and down town

First time on a Formula 1 track on a bike…

As it got dark I made my way back. 30 kilometers on a poor bike. A good break before Another two flights… 🙂

Second layover: 9 days later and touching ground in the early morning. Better timing this time and better research. After some emailing I made a Clark Kent and got going to Changi Village to catch a boat to Pulau Ubin

The fare is 3 S$, but they only leave when it’s full – 12 people. Or you pay 36 and don’t lose time…

Nice welcome:

All bikes to be found are more or less crap for serious mountain biking, but I found an OK-ish one and could use my new bottle from a bike shop in New Zealand.

The reason to go to Pulau Ubin. Check out the link to find out more: Ketama Mountain Bike Park

The trails are well marked and very easy to start with

Then things get better

After trying almost all the trails I head down to Chek Jawa Wetlands accompanied by Monitor Lizards, Wild boars and screaming monkeys.

Bikes are not allowed if you want to go further and anyway… I play safe in terms of time and head back to the Jetty to return the bike, catch a boat and then a taxi. After a shower in the lounge I conclude my best layover ever. Cheers!

The rides on Strava:

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