Biskopstorps Nature Reserve

Christmas is over and we can get back to biking… This time with Micke and Janne in Biskopstorps Nature Reserve close to Halmstad

There are several trails here and we had the pleasure of having Micke with us. Not knowing the area in and out but at least good enough to combine a couple of loops for today… with some help of a map.

It’s not frozen through yet but frosty on the top, which makes it very slippery on all the frosty leaves, but Janne finds the grip

That face could have changed into a totally different look in a second, but didn’t… We made it across

We are approaching the southern part and not only are the leaves slippery but you don’t know what’s under  them. Reactive riding sort of… Anyway, we reach some open space

Could have been a wall paper or nice poster on the wall… Frozen oak tree leaves

Nice dude. Been standing there for a while waiting for us

We make our way back up to the viewpoint where you’re supposed to be able to see the ocean and maybe we can… hard to tell

Coffee and another loop and we call it a day

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