Halden, Norway

Gotta share… Micke came by and picked me up for a ride on the trails in Ertemarka in Halden, Norway. The Norwegians are crossing the border for shopping and we do it for the biking. Anyway you have to pay the bridge toll

I’m sure some of you have been in Halden if you have done ”Grenserittet”  – a race with very few technical sections but with a lot of participants, nice landscapes and a feast for XC bikers. Our friends have managed to pass half the participants after setting off as last starters on good old army bikes. Nice reminder of what is important when the cravings for gadgets is stressing you…

Anyhow, we crossed the city and made it up to Ertemarka. Sort of a Skatås for someone from Gotheburg. Lots of technical trails in beautiful nature

Ok, the legs where not as responsive after all the red wine yesterday, but does the chain have to break after 600 meters….?

We got it fixed and decided where to go

Nice trails

At the sports facilities we found some fun stuff to ride

King Charles the 12th was killed in Halden 1718 and…

More trails

I the middle of the forest, A giant’s kettle

Boring gravel road sections are more fun on one wheel

So cool, tried the rails in Mora last week and just had to try them out here as well

Nice trails in a nice setting

We never really got the feel for these wooden footbridges

After 3 hours in the area we could conclude that there is plenty to discover and technical as we love it.

If you have the chance, go there!

Cruising home over the pigs strait (“Svinesund”)

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