Northern Bohuslän, Sweden



-7 already in November. We start out from Mickes place in Skee

No risk freezing after an uphill start and then straight into the nice trails around the corner

Not far away, Mickes own bike park. A bit frozen at this time of the year

We follow a section of Gränserittet (competition from Strömstad to Halden)

Amazing shapes done by nature. Gravel and small rocks are shot up some 15-20 cm in the air on a pillars of ice

In this inspiring uphill (not), the elite is doing 40 km/h in the race. We took it very easy.

First coffee stop. And change of gloves.

And right after that the snowfall begins

We leave the competition track and get busy with trail riding instead


And pushing

…to get the views

We continue from Håvedalen down to Idefjorden. Håkan in action

But who has been pissing in the water? A troll?

A lot of downhilling done and we end up on Norwegian soil. Idefjorden in the background

Second coffee stop, by Bärbyälven. It’s starting to get dark and we have a big climb in front of us. Better get going.

Looong hills until we reach the border to Sweden…

…Asphalt, wind in the back and slight downhill. Speedy:

This kind of weather could get you stuck in the sofa indoors, but this time we managed to get an epic 5 hour ride instead. Something to think about next time that motivation is low.

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