No snow yet at 1700 – Leaota, Romania


Since a couple of weeks back the temperature has gone down and the air is crispy like in the winter. I was up the mountains last weekend and though it was the last trip without snow, but apparently not…In spite of fog and rain down in the city I left the city for a ride wide Catalin. I guess the Weather Gods knew that it was time for biking – blue skies in the mountains 🙂

This is where we started, the village Runcu

Very happy with conditions we set off for the Leaota mountain

After 7-8 kilometers of comfortable climbing we got to the steep section in the beech forest

After 700 meters of vertical climb we reach Cabana Leaota. Nice feeling to be above the clouds

Dig in!

We reach the tree line. Not so many shepherds at this time of the year. Only this dude

It gets super steep

And just steep

You get that top-of-the-world-feeling at approximately 1700 meter


And a break for energy refill and good views

More downhill!

Into the forest

And this totally magic beech forest

We exit the forest

Some village and then the last part on asphalt

1300 meters of climb and 30 kilometers. What a day!

Funny… The day after things looked like this outside the window:

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