Not like Sven – Băneasa, Romania


Back home in Sweden the storm Sven took down a lot of trees and damaged property. Here it’s not like Sven at all. In fact not very Sven-ish or “svennigt” as we say in Sweden either. The most common second name in Sweden is Svensson, so anything that is very Swedish is Sven-isch – “svennigt”. And again, here it’s not Svennigt at all.

In Bucharest the weather is fantastic: sunshine and around the freezing point.

No Sven but Swine. The wild boars have been messing around

Full speed

The shadows are long in the morning

Not only the wild boars are messing around. This seems to be home ground for a mold that love to shuffle dirt

Not at all Sven-isch…

Some leftovers from the snow fall we had ten days ago

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