While waiting for snow – Pucioasa, Romania


So, the idea was to go skiing but while waiting for the snow I grab the opportunity to go biking in the mountains. 0 degrees and fog. Not so inspiring in Bucharest

But after an hour and half a lot better. I team up with Catalin and Ionuț.

Quality gloves 😉

Nice combo of frost and sunshine

Even the cows are enjoying the mild December day

In Romania it means luck to see buckets full of water. That’s bullshit, or maybe someone else was lucky on behalf of those buckets. I wasn’t.

Short section of misery

Interesting view. From the left to the right: A synagogue, church and mosque…

Beech paradise

Hm… not below the freezing point anymore. Fat bike wannabe… Amazing workout sort of

Still nice to get into the pace of the climbing

Today’s target reached: The Burea monastery

These paintings are from late 19th century but parts of the monastery is more than 500 years old.

The speed makes the mud release

So narrow ridge that it’s collapsing

Natural berms make it possible to go fast

OK, there is a bit of snow up there in Bucegi, but not enough for skiing. Yet.

Coming back to the luck…

Whining won’t improve things and anyway I’m getting used to have this mishap once per season and why would this season be different?  Some help is appreciated

Then Catalins dad is showing up and since I insist on biking home I take over Catalins bike for the last kilometers. In spite of the mishap it was a fantastic ride while waiting for the snow to come. Catalins mum set the table with awesome traditional Romanian food. Starter: Mămăligă (like polenta), fresh cheese, garlic and Smântână

…gotta be the last mountain ride this year but let’s see…


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