We’ve passed the darkest day – Åsa, Sweden


We were swirling like a leaf in the storm until till pilot got the aircraft safely on ground. Charteer applause! Wow! Back in Sweden on the darkest day, and we are talking daaaaark. Even if we know it will turn around and get brighter it’s all these reports about rain and storms… I must say that I kind of set me expectations on a very low level coming home for X-mas. And maybe just because of that… Sunday morning the sun was out. Yihaa, indeed we have passed the darkest day guys!

Time for a Vitus ride

Transport to meet up with Janne

I got speed – check out the chain ring!

Into the woods as soon as possible

Blurry but fun

And wet

But sunshine…

And a lot of fallen trees from the storms

Some downhill

And just nice trails

And a view of the ocean before we split up to prepare for X-mas

Cheers and Merry X-mas!

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