A snowy ride – Idefjorden, Sweden


Back in Sweden and back on the favorite trails. This time the landscape is dressed in white. The snow is fresh and came after a period of warm weather so the surface could be icy as well as wet in muddy sections. 5 of us chose studded tires and one didn’t. Hard to tell what was best in the end.  We… That’s Janne, Micke, Thomas, Jocke, Erik and myself.

We met up at Mickes

This time we went from there by cars up to the Kangeröd Moto Cross arena in order to avoid too much of transport sections. From there we used some dirt roads and trails to reach the hiking trail “Bohusleden” from Håvedalen to Björnerödspiggen. Björnerödspiggen is the highest point in the hood: 222 meters above sea level. From there we used “Kuststigen” down to sea level and the back up again and back to the cars. Like this:

Which gives you the following nice profile (700 meters of total climb):

First some playing around at Kangeröd

After some dirt roads good enough for getting warmed up we hit the first trail

Transport sections are boring unless you…

We hook onto “Bohusleden”

Time for a short break

We continue both downhill and uphill

We reach Sandvattnet, a lake just on the boarder to Norway (actually on the other side of the small lake). The posse:

Taking a closer look:

We leave for the awesome downhill to Krokstrand (by the fjord) and start climbing up towards Björnedrödspiggen.

We reach the top and have a bite close to the old Viking grave

Amazing workout to get those disc wheels rolling…

The view is amazing as always. And as always the picture doesn’t get anywhere close to reality. From here you can see the mountains on the other side of the Oslo fjord when the air is clear. Today we see far enough to just stand there and stare for a while.

We get going on one of the absolute best downhill trails ever. First some super flowy sections with pedaling and then steeper and steeper down to the Idefjord. The light is really poor at this time of the day…

As we are so eager to get the downhill from Björnreödspiggen West-bound we hike/bike up the same trail and realize that the light will not last for much longer

After five hours of riding we are back and get the the stuff into the cars – a bit heavier than when we started…

Micke put together an awesome film that you can find here 


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