Freezing mud – Åsa & Frillesås, Sweden

Both the New Year’s party and the hangover is over. Janne and Kristian with their twin bikes show up first

Then Micke, having done 2 hours in the car.

We start off with the coastal trails around Ölmanäs. Hard to believe, but we have past the darkest day of the season and are heading for more light every day. Still a lot of heading… too dark for good pictures… The mild weather changed in the early morning hours and it’s now -3. The wind is strong and cold but the trails are great!

In the eager of managing the tricky round rocks while Micke was filming I hit my knee very bad in the handle bars, but what can you do when it’s film time? Finally nailed it after some attempts

What’s Janne up to?


Kristian needs to leave after 2 hours but the rest of us continue to meet up with PO at his farm

Sally, the dog, joins in for more than 1h30min on the awesome trails in the forest

As the cold weather just came in on top of many rainfalls, everything is wet but freezes to ice within seconds on the bike. A study in frozen mud:

The front derailleur needs some pushing by hand or foot now and then but apart from that everything works surprisingly fine. We get ourselves a deserved break and Micke gets a close up on Sally.

We leave PO & Sally and head home on a mix of country roads and some awesome tight forest  trails. All in all it was another five hour trip. Not as much vertical climb this time (340m) but a lot of fun as always. Check out Mickes film

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