Sälen Bikepark – Lindvallen, Sweden


It’s family vacation with Downhill on the agenda and I was not part of setting it up (!). We are talking Sälen, Sweden.

This is the place where Swedish kids learn skiing and everybody has been. I haven’t…

It’s right here:

I have to confess that I was a bit nervous getting into bike park riding again. Last time was 6 years ago and last time with full face helmet I ended up on crutches 2 years ago. So mixed feelings in the chair lift…

We start out without the kids me and Hasse just to get into it. And we do.

So much that we go for the DH trail Sherpa

Fun but all that rough stuff gets me afraid of my leg – after all it’s only one year ago I had the open fracture… All the shaking and risks of putting the foot down too hard makes me wanna go back to the mashine built trails

We take a break and we get to the basics of the Swedish food culture – the kebab Pizza ;-).

We gain some minutes of riding by having the coffee in the lift.

Time to meet up with the gravity kids. From left to right: My kids Lisa, Carl and Erik and then Hasse’s Thea and John.

We get up the lift and the 5-year old is exited but doesn’t really know what is waiting…

It’s all new to them and it feels like a school class. But it’s the best class ever!

The little one in action;

Hasse and his kids on “Rosa leden”

More pics of the kids

On “Pipe line” the 5 year old just got too much speed and went over the top of one of the berms and had a pretty heavy crash.

Good protection gear, guts and spirit and we got going again. Next time he nailed it :-).

First day came to an end and after approx.30 seconds in the car the little one fell a sleep

New day and time for wifie to try the trails

Dream come true… First time in a bikepark and the kids got it, enjoyed it and wanted more – big smiley!

Hasse chasing them down on “Herr Melin”

The girls are enjoying it a lot. Lisa gets higher and higher on the wall ride.

Erik, the 12-year old was bit silent in the beginning but he just learnt more and more and had more and more fun.

In the evening it was all about what bikepark to go to next 🙂

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