Sälfjället  – Lindvallen, Sweden


Well… same place as last post, but this time without lifts and on lighter bikes. No specific plan for were to go but in this weather we reckon that pretty much any trail will be good

As a reminder of the winter season, patches of snow still glow in the sun in what is “normally” the snow park

After some trial and error we find our way up the Sälfjället. Newly renovated footbridges over the mires

Feels like reaching islands when doing short sections of trails between those bridges

Some more solid ground and an easy climb passing the tree line.

Sweden. July. Above the tree line. T-shirt. Hang on… t-shirt?? Well yes, it one of those glory days!

Swedish “mountains”… Well, it’s just amazing how different mountains can be. Here we are just above 800 meters and yet passing the tree line. Looks like hills but the weather can be tough and unpredictable like In any other mountain.

Gotta say it. Hasse is a road biker and here we are on a mountain trail… I’m totally amazed by his skills. The days earlier in the bikepark and now on technical mountain trails. So cool with someone who can master and conquer new elements with not only the desire to do it but also with a smile!

Well yes, that’s the old Giant Reign. The new bike is left behind in Romania for some more rides… and  well… then it will move with its owner to Sweden. Yep. In September the base for adventures will be Sweden after 4,5 years in Romania.

Good timing… At the cabin “Hemfjällstugan” we have a flat tire and get it fixed.

Technical? A definition I leave to others. Anyway, this is what we have for breakfast in Sweden

Mountain crossroads. No snow mobiles…

One man. One trail. Sort of…

Infinity pool… “Stensjön” is on the verge of poring all it its water over the edge

Unfortunately there is no picture of one of the most amazing “highs” in a long time. After that lake we reached the starting point of all the trails in the bikepark and went down the trail “Charter”. Worth mentioning maybe… The trail was designed by Tom Pro from Gravity Logic (the guy behind the legendary trails in the Whistler Bike Park). And there I am with my 6 yeral old gently (not…) ridden trailbike and manage to rip the berms and nail the table tops. Was that a good feeling or what? Leg healed and maybe more importantly… the mind set on gravity mode again. Cred to Hasse who set the plan!

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