Gesunda Bike Park with the kids – Gesundaberget, Sweden

It’s 9 years since I was here last time but the weather and feel-good factor seem to be the same :-).

This time with the kids and on rental gear for all of us – all Giant: Trance Jr, Reign SX2 and the Glory 2 for me.

Such a great feeling riding with the backdrop of Lake Siljan

The kids get going on the machine built track Caroliner

Breaks for snacks are done with the best possible view

The old man gets to try the wall ride and the kids cruise along

We meet up with my good old childhood friends Micke and Alex

Riding was good and the kids are doing great, but typical… After a very busy first half year at work and now the first days of vacation… I get hit by a bad cold. But some pills get me going the second day

The oldest is picking it up technique and speed really quickly and enjoys the DH tracks

And the youngest enjoys wearing a helmet…

The bike is great (Giant Trance Jr with 26” wheels) and it gives him confidence to charge more. I realize we need a new one at home…

Over and out from Gesunda for this time

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