Park life – Vallåsen Bike Park, Sweden

Vallåsen bike park (Link – Swedish only) has been around for a long time but has managed to transform from the old school very technical trails only, to a more modern bike park that also offers machine built trails and rental bikes.

It’s a short drive and the boys have been begging for it since Gesunda, so what to do… 🙂 The 15 year old gets to ride on my old Giant Reign and the 8-year old of course on his new Trek.

Getting ready:

And warming up

And up we go…

Starting off with some easier stuff:

And then some balance training at the base

Carl gets to try his first real drop and handles it perfectly

Resting in the chair lift is not enough – this is exhausting…

Erik really gets the hang of the more gnarly stuff and he’s already faster than my camera…

After some attempts Carl is succeeding to turn the handle bar a bit in the table top

A great day is over and no one hurt. Except Eriks flat tire when starting to push beyond limits – looks promising! 🙂

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