Lofsdalen Bike Park, Sweden

Designed, built or whatever by the Gravity Logics guys from Whistler, this Bike Park has rendered a lot of positive comments so while up North, why not check it out.

Not even half way up Sweden, but far away from home – Lofsdalen Bike Park:

Stoked to get going

Someone is very happy to be in a lift in a bike park!

And off he goes.

The trails are really well built and we start with a long green, and an absolutely great blue run; Skogsleden. 3600 meters full of table tops, berms, step-ups and more. Excellent for beginners and great fun for me too. We’re having a blast

Well built… well, everything but a jump on “Happy MTB”. Be aware! In optimal speed for all the other jumps you suddenly find yourself overshooting a jump to the extent where you land right into the next one. And of course… Right there to the left is a huge rock to slam your head into. Which I did. I was not knocked out in spite of slamming my head into it, but lost my sight for 5-7 secs on one eye… something that would develop to a great “make up” a couple of days later… Luckily I have one of those more MC-like helmets really taking the hit, but still I took a long lunch rest before going for the trails again.

But OK… we wanted to try not only the machine built stuff so went down the red trails also – mixed with that first blue one.

After the lift closed we made a short one up the mountain just to get some views. And we did.

On the way down Carl spotted a frog and as I take the photo it leaps away – cool moment caught on camera

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