To the Netherlands for a Beer

It’s Sunday and the day after the hills in the Ardennes. I wanted to go for yet another spin, but an easy one so I asked the kind owners of the hotel and of course… There was a bike to borrow. Not fancy at all but it had two wheels.

I left Ghent thinking of just seeing a bit what’s North of the city, but quickly set my goal for a beer in The Netherlands. Flat as a pancake

The beauty

A lot of donks and canals

Going abroad

I aim for Sas van Gent

I get what I came for

On the way back I catch up with these guys in the head wind. It felt strange considering my bike, but I just had to so I overtook and didn’t see them again

After 60 kilometers and an amazing climb of 47 meters I reward myself with some more calories overlooking the castle

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