Winter Fun at Piggen – Björnerödspiggen, Sweden

A bit of snow, minus and in good company and you just know that it will be a great day. These are the guys teaming this winter day: Janne, micke, Jocke, Tommy & I.

We start at the base of Björnerödspiggen

The clip holding the main shoe strap snapped even before starting, but the saviour of all times is always with me: duct tape.

The initial climb is always getting your heart pumping but now even more as there is more snow than we anticipated.

At least there is no concern about cold feet 🙂

Biking or pushing… We reach the top and get a “fika”

The snow is a bit too deep, but we insist. I guess a fat bike would have been great on this section.

But at the point of time where the real fun starts we know we’ve got the right gear. Idefjorden down there behind the trees

Saddles down, thumbs up. Downhill coming up.

Fast and furious and we reach sea level fast.

Traces of a vicious fight of werewolves? Niahhh. Just spike tires finding their way…

We push it up and make some downhill sections again

Sponsored fika 😉

Bit of a photo session…

Making it back up to the top again

And down 🙂

Last section confirms the tire choice – Pure ice!

Thanks to Micke those downhill section got covered for you to enjoy:

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