Castle grounds revisited – Tjolöholm, Sweden

It didn’t take us long to be back – not even a week. This time we doubled the crew as Mikael and Kristian joined too.

Kristian gets some extra air into the shock and we get going

Well… more of us need to pump more air into the shock…

Happy riders today

Mikael has been here several times and is just sooo happy that he found a section that we couldn’t master. Even though we tried to make it look like it in the picture…

Evidently there are things we can’t master… Janne takes a dive into the Juniper… And gets some help to get out of there

This time we really explore more trails and end up passing the castle again and finding some sweet sections

Halloween approaching…

We get going in the “Stuteribergen” North East of the castle and Janne shows us some new awesome trails – including climbing of course 😉 

Is that where Bilbo lives?

We’re back to the car but get ourselves a last rush by doing the trail where Janne was exploring the Juniper, the other way.

Bikes back on the car and we conclude that the area is amazing and still has a lot more to be explored!

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