Spring Adventure

Spring is here with excellent weather for a longer ride together. And in this case, just to be clear… “Longer” is referring to duration rather than distance 🙂 . Ingemar is the notorious guide on these rides and the rest of the crew is myself, Fredrik, Daniel and Kristian

It seems exhausting being a faul…

At Buared we are complete

We get onto the trails

Leading us up to the E6 highway stop at Torpasjön. For those of you knowing Swedish – the corona crisis has apparently turned into a currency problem. Haha

We make our way up to the hamlet of Äskhult, dating back to the 1700s

The adaption of the café to be Covid safe went easy 😉

We are on the Hallandsleden and hours and kilometers are passing by

Somewhere close to Håfors both Fredrik and Daniel opt for asphalt the last 20 kilometers as they both had cramps.

The rest of us continue over gravel and trails and after more than 6 hours I’ve gotta admit that I was pretty tired.

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